Dieter's freeware tools

Currently these tools are written for Windows. On the long run I might create some Linux versions too. No need for an installer, just unzip and run.

Show and compare codepages. (Details)

Download CodeMap_1_0_0_22

A terminal program suited for simple communications with embedded devices. (Details)

Download Yat3_2_0_180 (Oct. 2017) Use this for Win7 and up (runs fine on Win10-64).

Download Yat3_2_0_147 (Feb. 2014) Use this for WinXP (no support).

Show keyboard details. Very nice to debug keyboard interfaces on barcode readers. (Details)

Download Showkeys_1_2_0_31 (Jan. 2011)

Save and restore icon positions on desktop and toolbars (for WinXP only). (Details)

Download IconPos_1_0_0_27 (March 2012)

Check and cleanup the Com-Port settings in the registry. (Details)

Download ComPortCleaner_4_0_0_98 BETA for Windows 10 (July 2019)

Download ComPortCleaner_Win7_4_0_0_98 BETA for Windows 7 and 8 (July 2019)

Download ComPortCleaner_3_0_0_60 for Windows XP, 7 and 8.1 (Jan. 2012)

Hardware proposal for receiving consumer IR signals with longer cable connection.

LIRC/CIR Receiver with RS485