Receiver for LIRC or CIR

This is a hardware proposal for receiving infrared signals used by consumer remote controls. The difference to the many much simpler circuits is that it supports distances longer than the usual 1 meter (3 feet). To achieve a reliable connection, the IR signals are transferred with RS485 and twisted pair. In my case the distance is 8 meters between the TV and the PC that runs the VDR program.

One goal was to provide an easy upgrade path from the older Serial-Lirc to the CIR provided by some modern mainboards. Therefore it supports both the Com-Port connection and the CIR connection (Asrock).

See below for schematics in Eagle format.


VDR portal (mosly German, though English question will be answered)

License: GPL.

Schematics for the TV side in PNG format.

Schematics for the PC side in PNG format.

Schematics in Eagle format